Memories of Cleo

Memories of Cleo

For Linda and Dan, their beloved dog Cleo the Basenji was an integral part of their love story and life together. Cleo was more than a pet; she was family, and the couple had always envisioned her playing a special role in their wedding as the ring bearer. Cleo’s presence was meant to symbolise the joy and companionship she brought into their lives.

As the wedding day approached, Linda and Dan were excitedly making final preparations, imagining Cleo walking down the aisle with their rings. However, their joy turned to sorrow when Cleo passed away unexpectedly just months before the wedding. The loss left a void in their hearts, and the thought of celebrating their big day without her was heartbreaking.

 Custom pet basenji dog cufflinks in gift box by Pawfect Love

Determined to honour Cleo's memory, Linda searched for a way to include Cleo in their wedding despite her absence. Through Etsy, she discovered Pawfect Love, a business that creates custom pet memorabilia. Linda knew she had found the perfect way to keep Cleo close on their special day.

She decided on a set of custom cufflinks featuring Cleo’s likeness for her fiancé, Dan. When the cufflinks arrived, Linda was overwhelmed by the striking resemblance to Cleo. The detailed craftsmanship brought back fond memories of their loyal companion. Wanting to do even more, Linda reached out to Dani at Pawfect Love with a last-minute request for a custom cake topper of Cleo. Understanding the emotional significance, Dani promptly crafted a miniature figurine of Cleo to accompany the wedding cake.



On their wedding day, Linda presented Dan with the Cleo cufflinks, along with a heartfelt note expressing her love and their shared memories of Cleo. The sight of Cleo’s likeness brought tears to Dan’s eyes, a poignant reminder of the bond they shared with their dear pet. The Cleo cake topper was a beautiful tribute, standing proudly beside their colourful three-tier cake, symbolising Cleo’s enduring presence in their lives.

The couple’s wedding day was captured beautifully by For Love Photography and Captured Frames for video, preserving the heartfelt tributes to Cleo forever. The photos and videos not only showcased the joyous celebration but also highlighted the emotional significance of Cleo’s memory woven throughout their special day.

Linda later shared her gratitude: "Amazing! Dani was awesome from the get-go. My fiancé and I were deeply moved to have our late beloved Cleo be a part of our wedding day. Thank you so much for the smooth communication process xx."

Cleo's memory was honoured in the most heartfelt way, making Linda and Dan's wedding a truly unforgettable celebration of love and companionship. 





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