Life with pets

Life with pets

If you have a pet, you already know just how much they bring to your life. Indeed, if 2020 gave us little else to feel good about, it gave many of us more time with our beloved animal friends, or an opportunity to introduce an animal friend to the house. Let’s consider why this was so good for us shall we?


For some of us 2020 was a lonely year, a year of lockdowns and 2 week isolation periods, home schooling and working from home. It was a year of upheaval and uncertainty. Those of us with pets knew that even if we were working from home alone, our cat would be available to curl up on our lap, or our dog would eagerly join us for our allocated one hour walk. We knew that our pets wouldn’t run away when we sneezed or change the rules on when we were allowed to visit. Our pet’s brought us companionship and certainly every day.


Beyond companionship, for some, they bought purpose. If you have a pet, you know someone will always need you. Feel like getting out of bed will be a challenge today? Well, Blackie the cat needs food and will not leave you alone until she gets it. Feel like moping in your pj’s all day? Sorry, ‘He who must not be named’ (yep, I know someone who went there for a pet name!) would like a walk.  By getting up to meet someone else’s needs, our pets are helping us feel connected to the world, needed and wanted. This boosts our mood and helps us through the tough days.


Let’s not forget all the wonderful things pets can teach us. The undying loyalty of a dog and their excitement to see you after a long day. The uncanny ability of cats to nap – anywhere and anytime! The joy of a fish that found the slip stream in the fish tank. The ability of all animals to just be present in the here and now, in joy and love and peace. If only we could all take a minute (or more) to see the beauty in the world through their eyes. 


Through the more challenging days, just look for the light that is your animal friend, they know how to make every day better. 

Now it’s no secret that pets occupy a huge chunk of my heart, which is why I dedicate to much care and attention to the custom pet creations. From full body statues dedicated to dogs who have passed, to budgie earrings or beaded keyrings that bring together all of the pets you have loved in your lifetime.

It’s also the reason why the pets I follow on social media would be close to outweighing people now, because a feed full of pups can brighten any dark day. You may also notice my Instagram feed is starting to feature more pets, plus my monthly emails share stories of pets and pet lovers I’ve met along the way.  

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