Pets in wedding - just a trend?

Pets in wedding - just a trend?

If you have pets yourself, it doesn't take long for your wedding inspo photos or Pinterest Pins to fill up with cute dogs greeting their pawrents at the end of the aisle. So what's behind this rise and are we likely to see it disappear anytime soon? Rest assured, it's much more than just a passing trend; including pets in weddings is becoming a cherished tradition and not one of those old traditions with loads of ick-factor. Whether your pet struts down the aisle or is featured on custom accessories like cufflinks, bouquet charms, or cake toppers, it all adds a special touch to your big day. Be-gone cookie cutter weddings, hello expressing all that is fabulous about a couple, especially the furry members of the family. 


Why the Furry Companions?

For many couples, pets are family. They bring unconditional love, loyalty, and joy. Recognising this strong bond, couples are choosing to involve their pets in the celebration. Whether it's a four-legged ring bearer or being featured as an ultra-realistic custom cake topper like the ones Pawfect Love creates, including pets symbolises the unity and continuity of the family.


Personalised Weddings Take the Lead

Modern weddings are all about self-expression. Couples want unique ways to celebrate their love story, and pets offer the perfect opportunity. From custom cufflinks to charming bouquet charms with a tiny 3D pet portrait, these touches make the celebration uniquely personal.


Stress Relief on the Big Day

Weddings can be stressful, but having a beloved pet around brings a natural stress-reliever, whether they attend in person or you have a reminder of them as part of your outfit or accessories. Their calming and comforting presence adds a sense of familiarity and reassurance to the hustle and bustle of the festivities.


Inclusivity and the Modern Family

As our definitions of family evolve, so do wedding traditions. Couples now see their pets as integral family members, and weddings are reflecting this change. Including pets sends a message of inclusivity, acknowledging the various forms that love and companionship can take in the modern world.


Making Lasting Memories

Weddings are about celebrating love, and including those who hold a special place in our hearts makes it even more memorable. Whether it's playful moments during the ceremony or a custom pet cake topper, these elements become cherished reminders of the love shared between the couple and their beloved pets.


So Passing Trend? Definitely Not!!

In the ever-evolving world of wedding traditions, including pets is more than a trend; it's a heartfelt and enduring practice. It mirrors the changing dynamics of modern relationships and the deep bond between couples and their furry family members. As this delightful trend continues to gain popularity, weddings are becoming even more inclusive and joyous affairs. Because, in the journey of love, what could be more heartwarming than saying "I do" surrounded by those who love us unconditionally, whether they have two legs or four?



cover photo credit @andevercollective, supplied by bride


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