Polymer Clay vs. Sugar - Which Makes the Perfect Custom Pet Cake Topper?

Polymer Clay vs. Sugar - Which Makes the Perfect Custom Pet Cake Topper?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming enough, so we wanted to help you with just one of the many choices you’ll need to make if wanting custom pet cake toppers- polymer clay or edible. We understand that selecting the right material for your beloved pet's cake topper is a decision filled with love and consideration. So here we'll delve into the world of polymer clay and sugar, exploring the pros and cons of both options. Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the choice that suits you for both the wedding day and beyond if you are wanting a meaningful keepsake.


Polymer Clay Pet Toppers


  1. Unparalleled Lifelikeness: Polymer clay excels at capturing the intricate details of your pet's features, resulting in a lifelike quality that many adore.

  2. Durability: Our polymer clay toppers are designed to stand the test of time. They remain unchanged under the warmth of your cake, making them perfect for preserving the memory of your pet.

  3. Customization: Polymer clay offers limitless potential for customization, allowing our skilled artists to replicate your pet's unique features, from their fur texture and color to their individual personality traits.

  4. Keepsake Value: These toppers aren't just for a day – they are timeless keepsakes, meant to be treasured long after the cake is gone.


  1. Craftsmanship Takes Time: The meticulous creation of polymer clay toppers can require a little extra time, which you'll want to account for when planning your celebration.

  2. Outsourcing: You will generally need to source a polymer clay cake topper separately to your cake designer.

  3. Additional coating: particularly if the topper is painted, it will require a foodsafe resin coating as a barrier where it will be in contact with the cake or icing being served. Pawfect Love is able to apply this to your topper.


Sugar or Fondant Pet Toppers


  1. Edible Art: Sugar toppers are designed to be as pleasing to the palate as they are to the eye. They're edible and can be enjoyed by your guests along with the cake.

  2. Quick Turnaround: Simple cartoon style sugar toppers can sometimes be created quickly and added to your cake at the last minute. Although more detailed and professionally crafted ones do still need significant lead time, plus shipping if there are no local specialists available.


  1. Limited Detail: Sugar toppers, while beautiful, may fall short in capturing the intricate details achieved with polymer clay.

  2. Fragility: Sugar toppers are delicate and sensitive to environmental factors like heat, humidity, and moisture, making them less suitable for long-term keepsakes.

  3. Limited Customization: The level of customization is restricted in sugar, as complex pet details can be challenging to replicate.


In the gentle contest between polymer clay and sugar for custom pet cake toppers, it's ultimately a matter of choosing what best suits your unique occasion and preferences. Both options have their merits, and the choice is a deeply personal one.

However, if you value a topper that truly immortalizes your pet, capturing their spirit with exquisite detail, polymer clay offers a remarkable solution. In the end, your pet's memory deserves nothing less than a tribute as exceptional as they are. Celebrate your furry friend's love and uniqueness with Pawfect Love and allow us to create a polymer clay pet cake topper, filled with love and your pet's distinctive charm. Your choice will speak volumes about the cherished place your pet holds in your heart.

If you are ready to order a polymer clay custom pet cake topper, you can find them here.


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