The Importance of having a Girl Gang (Guest entry)

The Importance of having a Girl Gang (Guest entry)

Hands up who had the ultimate girl gang at school… anybody?

I’m almost 40, hahaha I said “almost”, and I have only recently discovered my community now. As we get older, connecting to like-minded people seems so much more valued, appreciated and held close to our heart.

The three main choices which determine the group you end up connecting with are: the feel of community spirit, support and the sense of belonging. This could be a mother’s group, book club, work team, your family or the sporting group you are a part of.

For me, I am extremely grateful that I have one girl gang that encompasses the two sides of me. The mother and the business mama, but why is that important?

You are not alone.

Your mother’s group have all experienced the same thing you have: caring for a child. With that comes along feeding highlights and lows, routines, sleeplessness, and the never ending loads of washing and all the cleaning that needs to be done.

You are supported.

There is no better feeling than knowing that someone has your back, a shoulder to lean on (and cry on), and a sounding board. Being able to healthily vent and share is not only good for your head by discussing ideas and experiences, but also good for our heart and mental wellbeing.

Have you ever chatted to your group of friends about a topic that has been weighing on you, only to feel lighter after the discussion?

You have diversity.

One factor that makes my heart full when it comes to my girl gang: I have a group which has a variety of opinions and values, whether it is about motherhood, family life OR business.

My support group is predominately online, although I have met several members in person, and we have regular zoom catch ups fortnightly to keep in touch. There are times when our kids are featured in our virtual catch ups as well! Let’s not discuss the time I launched my first business and when my son decided that was the best time to do a nudie run through the house while I was live on zoom.


Online Vs In-Person

It all comes down to scheduling your time, but also your location, and I speak from experience.

With technology nowadays, the connections you make online can actually be stronger than the one we create face-to-face. One of my closest friends, I met online and she lives in New Zealand and who I chat to on a daily basis.

As a working mum who runs two businesses and is based between two localities every second week, catching up with my in-person friends sometimes needs to be structured with military precision! Most mornings you will see me buried in my planner, refreshing my mind where I need to be each day, and believe me, I am someone who does not like to be late or miss a meeting with someone I’ve made the time to catch up with.

My best pieces of advice

If you haven’t found your ultimate girl gang, do not worry, we have all been there, it just means the right group hasn’t come along yet. Be patient, you will find them.

Write down your interests.

Facebook is an amazing tool to find mother’s groups, community groups, and even mums in business groups. You can do a quick search to see what type of groups are in your area, or simply join some online ones that interest you.

I recently joined a couple of online book clubs and one happens to meet in my local area!

Try and schedule your catch ups the same day of the week or month. Knowing you are going to catch up on a regular basis, gives you something to look forward to!

Especially with what is happening around the world at the moment, particularly with social distancing, I get so excited every second Monday to catch up with my group online. Yes we talk about our businesses, but it also gives us a chance to connect with each other on a personal level, because on occasions we go off topic. Haha!

Make your connections count. The people you allow into your life get to see all facets of you; the good, the bad and the ugly. Share that and be vulnerable; this is where the solid friendships are formed, especially when we are real and authentic.

You have the power to choose who you bring into your inner circle. If the energy ain’t right, it’s okay to let those people go. It is human nature.

Sending you so much love and reminding you to hold your girl gang close.

Much love,

Danai xo


 Blog author, speaking about having a girl gang


About the author


Danai is a writer and creative, not to mention founder and CEO of North Wellness Co, head girl of her online community The North Co, and an Essential Oil educator.

She loves sharing all things plant based, low tox and natural therapies, especially her passion for plant chemistry education on essential oils, Autism and Endometrosis support.

You will notice her teal and mint palette appreciation, travel adventures and current reads from her personal library on her social feeds.

Danai is based in the Hawkesbury area of New South Wales with her son and jack-of-all-trades partner, #brucenotoninstagram

Follow her on Instagram: plant.powered.mama


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