Travel tips for earrings

Travel tips for earrings

Because I developed the earrings travel pouches out of my own frustration over losing and breaking earrings during holidays and weekend getaways, I often forget that their use and benefit may not be obvious to everyone. That’s why I asked Beth, a fellow earrings lover, to describe how she uses her earrings travel pouch. 


By Beth

We’ve all been there. All lovers of earrings struggle with how to include more than one pair in the luggage when packing.
Please tell me I am not alone? Often I end up just taking the pair I am wearing so I avoid damaging or losing one of my favourites! So when I saw the earring pouch here at heartbeat handicrafts I just had to see for myself whether this was the solution to my earring travel dilemma. Could I finally take enough earrings to fully reflect my true fashion sense while travelling?


In one word? Yes! Having chosen the lovely llama’s to join me in Queensland for two weeks over Christmas, I was super impressed, I took some crazy long dangles, and a few simpler studs. I had a set of earrings for every special outfit over the season and I came home with all undamaged and accounted for. However, I did learn a little along the way so here are my tips on how to best travel using an earring pouch:


1. If travelling with stud earrings (or dangles coming from a stud post) – don’t push the back all the way on. Just put it on the end of the earring post (turns out mine actually had a spot they seemed meant to sit at which was just on the end). Learn from my mistake here. I spent 24 hours being stabbed by my earring backs before I worked it out.


2. Use the pouch upside down if you are putting in dangles. It’s just easier, fill the inside panel with all your earrings then slide the pouch over the panel. By sliding over your earrings you reduce tangles and mishaps.


3. For extra protection, pack your earring pouch somewhere secure where its not being squashed by a shoe for example. No, I didn’t actually squash mine with a shoe, but the way I used to pack, it might have happened. I actually found it worked for me to just roll it gently inside a t-shirt for protection then pack it with my underwear in a little travel bag I use for just that purpose.


While we were in one place for a few nights I found it was great to have the insert separate on my bedside table displaying all my options. This way I also found myself reaching a couple of times for the pouch to carry small essentials in my beach bag or day bag – lipstick, credit card, phone, I think once there may even have been a mini cherry ripe included because it was Christmas and that was definitely essential!


There you have it, finally, a way that we can travel with our earrings, keeping them safe and organised!



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