Wedding re-do dreaming Pt.1

Wedding re-do dreaming Pt.1

Don’t get me wrong, I loved our actual wedding and it was just right for us at that point in time, buuuut I can’t help but dream about the wedding we would plan now if we were to have a redo. Just to be clear, I’d still choose the same person to marry (in case Mr Pawfect is reading this)!! My vague dreams of a redo have come purely from the time spent discovering the best the SA wedding industry has to offer through local expos and other events. 


I’m sure it’s both a blessing and a source of decision overwhelm, but couples planning a wedding for 2024, 2025 or beyond are spoilt for choice when it comes to the big things like venues, photographers and celebrants as well as the small but meaningful details. I think it’s also more accepted than ever that following any sort of tradition is an option rather than expectation. There’s also been a huge rise in elopement and micro-wedding packages available. 


For context, we were married 8 years ago with DIY planning (from interstate) after having just relocated to rural QLD. In hindsight, planning an event remotely with no experience isn’t a great idea. First thing on my dream wedding redo list is to find myself a wedding planner that a gel with, like Sparrow Weddings.

For a venue, my heart is drawn to a country setting that is still relatively close to Adelaide that can accommodate both ceremony and reception, plus has an abundance of beautiful photo locations on site. Templewood Inn ticks all of these boxes and then some for us. 


One thing I do regret not booking back in 2016 was a videographer 😭 I swoon whenever I see an exquisite wedding video. I adore the style of Will & Co, so would probably choose our date based on their availability for both photography and videography!! 

Finding a celebrant we gel with and could bring the  best energy to the day would be our next task. First on my list of celebrants to contact would be Courtney (Loved Up Weddings With Courtney) because she is like a warm ray of sunshine!! 


One thing I would repeat from our wedding was the Hong Kong and Maldives honeymoon, although now with kids there may need to be a few adjustments. 

Well I think that about sums up the big stuff, but I’ll be back again with some of the smaller details I’ve been dreaming of!! 

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