What makes the perfect gift?

What makes the perfect gift?

Christmas will be here in no time at all, so I’ve put together a bit of a guide about what features make for an amazing gift.

Now it’s not always possible or necessary to tick all of these off when selecting a great gift, but it is a good place to start.


Good Value

Now it seems the word value has been moulded by big advertisers as another way of saying lowest price. True value used to be more related to the quality for price, rather than simply the cheapest available.

I feel the actual value is also about the what it brings to the recipient, whether that be because the item is useful or is meaningful emotionally.



To select a gift that is personal means we need to know what is important in the life of the recipient. This is why it is almost impossible to choose the perfect gift in workplace Secret Santa if you only know someone on a superficial level. We have probably all had the experience of receiving a generic gift before and chances are we can’t remember the gift, the giver and may or may not have found a use for it in our lives (it may have even sneakily been regifted)!!


Australian made

This has been an absolutely unprecedented year for the whole globe, but there are some areas of Australia that were already in a world of pain even before COVID-19 hit. Like East Gippsland, where Heartbeat Handicrafts is based, was devastated by the horrific bushfires. There are other areas who have suffered through years of drought and that have copped devastating floods during the rebuild following the fires.

Where possible, to help the Australian economy with it’s recovery, purchasing from businesses or people who are owned and based locally is always a wonderful choice.

Even better if you are spending your money with a small business or directly with a maker. Up that impact again if that business or maker also chooses to support other small businesses through sourcing their supplies, for example.



Ethically made

Would you personally still feel good about giving or receiving a gift, if you knew that another human (or animal) was been exploited in order to produce that gift? 



It’s becoming easier to find companies (particularly within Australia) that have an eco focus and are transparent about their sustainable practices and sourcing.


Within your budget

I’m a big advocate for not going into debt unnecessarily. Clearly, I'm okay with big debts (ie home loans), but try to avoid credit cards and finance for anything else.

One way to spread the cost of gifts, especially in the lead up to Christmas, is to have a budget in mind, plan ahead and order throughout the year. An alternative to this, if you like to live on the edge and purchase gifts last minute in to set aside a little bit of money each pay and let it build up throughout the year. If there ends up being more than you need for presents for everyone else, then it’s a great excuse to treat yourself at the end of the year with the remaining $$.


Need more ideas?

If this hasn’t already sparked some ideas for the perfect gifts to give friends and family, I have even more help on the way. This year I’m teaming up with fellow Australian makers to bring you a gift guide packed with beautiful and affordable gifts for everyone on your list, including some exclusive offers and discounts. Keep an eye out for it landing in your inbox later this month if you are on my email mailing list (if not make sure you join ASAP so you don't miss it).

If you still can’t think of the perfect gift, why not broaden your search to include experiences rather than a physical gift.

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