Who are you actually buying from?

Who are you actually buying from?

I’ve had a bunch of new followers and customers lately, so I wanted to reintroduce myself, but to keep it interesting I chose some facts you are less likely to know about me. This way you can learn a bit more about the person you are buying from, supporting or cheering for.


Flying to work


For the first 5 years of my OT life, part of my job was to fly on RFDS planes to remote towns each month. This would have to be one of the most incredible experiences of my career to date. Nowhere in my uni textbooks prepared me for assessing home modifications to underground houses in Coober Pedy (or shipping containers).


Mini skier 

I started skiing when I was really young, maybe 2 or 2.5. A few years later my sisters and I even made up a team and competed (despite living in South Australia, which has no ski fields, just one indoor ski centre).


Quick birth  

The birth of my son was pretty fast... like the midwife who was on call and started with me went home thinking it would be slow, being my first, and only made it back at the precise time Hugh entered the world. The doctor arrived maybe 20 minutes later. Seems it was also too fast for me to request pain relief. 


Childhood career plans  

When I was growing up I wanted to become a plant breeder. Pretty specialist field I know, but it fascinated me and was a nice connection to the farm that I grew up on, yet with a professional and scientific base. From around the age of 14 onwards, I decided on OT and after school went straight to uni to get my Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy).


All pretty standard facts so far, but now it gets weird....



I love the smell of sneezes... or maybe it’s just the smell of the world straight after a sneeze. Either way, it’s kind of embarrassing and before now I’ve never told anyone other than my Husband. Just to clarify, you won’t find me chasing strangers around for a whiff of their sneeze.


Well that’s awkward, so where to from here?


If you are game, I'd love you to share a fact about yourself in the comments that I’m not likely to know about you.


I'd also encourage you this gift giving season to make conscious decisions about who you buy gifts from and to take the time to read the about pages of brands and makers when you are online shopping.


It has been a particularly tough time for many people this year, so if you can’t afford to buy from handmade businesses as much as you would like to, there are a number of other ways  to support them that are completely free.

  • Like and comment on their social media posts.
  • Tag friends who you think would enjoy their products in comments.
  • Share their posts to your own friends and followers.
  • If you know someone who would like the maker's products, recommend them.
  • If you have purchased from them in the past, make sure you have left a review on their site and Facebook page.
  • Share photos of the item in use and tag the business.


Thankyou from me, Dani, for being in my corner any way you can.


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