Why rebrand and why Pawfect Love?

Why rebrand and why Pawfect Love?

Heartbeat Handicrafts started back in 2015 when I decided to start selling the huge variety of crafts I’d been dappling with. In its early days I made candles, silicone bead necklaces and even at one point lip balms!! From there I branched out to polymer clay necklaces and earrings and that’s where I started practicing and my passion built for the medium. 


The name Heartbeat Handicrafts wasn’t overly thought through (I think I had about 10-20 name ideas I preferred, but not surprisingly they were already taken), although it was fitting in those early days when I would make and sell anything and everything!! If I had have known it would turn into my primary employment, perhaps I would have put more time and thought into the naming. Perhaps I also would have learnt a bit about branding before whipping up a DIY logo on Paint of all places [insert face palm].


Needless to say, the service I provide and the micro-niche my business fits now had well and truly outgrown the name and mismatched brand that had fallen together over the years. 

So I took a huge leap in contacting and engaging a brand mentor, strategist and graphic designer to help develop the name and fresh look for the business. 

Pawfect Love and the new look are the result!!

Pawfect Love as a name captures the essence of what I do. Pets and love is what it’s all about. The love you have for your pets, the unconditional love they return, the legacy of the love shared even after they grow their wings.

It’s also a nod to the love couples share on their wedding day (you’ve probably figured by now that sculpting mini pets to be included in weddings is my favourite superpower).

I want to thank you all for supporting the first chapter of my business as Heartbeat Handicrafts, and I can’t wait to write the rest of the story together as Pawfect Love. I also want to thank Rachel Reiter (Hopscotch Branding Studio) for helping clarify my brand’s vision and bring the dream to life!!

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