The Ear For Good service is currently available to Australian Residents only. Please express your interest if you are living overseas, as it may still be possible to work together still.

Items issued for exchange as ‘new-to-you’ items will equate to the estimated value of the submitted products. This valuation will be conducted by Ear For Good. Please do not submit mass produced or low-quality items.

Upon receipt of submitted items, all pairs will be inspected prior to anti-microbial cleaning. Should there be any damaged items on arrival to Ear For Good, you will be contacted and the damaged items will be ineligible for a ‘new-to-you’ exchange. Please see the following tips for packaging your earrings, to ensure they arrive safely to Ear For Good.

Please allow approximately 10 business days to receive ‘new-to-you’ items, due to the care and diligence taken in the quality control, cleaning and curated style selection process.

In the event that any ‘new-to-you’ items arrive damaged, contact Ear For Good as soon as possible with photo evidence. Replacement or refund is at the discretion of Ear For Good.

By participating in the process, you agree to the aforementioned terms and conditions in their entirety and agree to release Ear For Good, it’s owner and any employees of any responsibility for damages or losses that may arise as a result of your participation.


Packaging Tips

  • Use bubble wrap (re-used) if you have any, or shredded paper as padding.
  • Post within a rigid box, or any other re-purposed rigid containers.
  • Ensure your return address is clearly marked on the package.
  • Should you be provided with a tracking number, please advise Ear For Good of this number.