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Custom pet fridge magnet

Custom pet fridge magnet

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Do you wish you could have all your pets, past and present together with you? Now you can, with a set of custom pet fridge magnets. Whether has a memorial for pets who have passed or modelled on your current fur baby, magnets are a fun and cute way to honour your ‘pawfect’ family members. 

Perhaps you are looking for a way to ease the pain for a friend following the loss of their pet. Not only is this pet memorial gift beautiful, meaningful and thoughtful, but it is also useful and will be placed in the heart of the home, where it can be appreciated everyday.

Base Materials 

The pet faces are sculpted from polymer clay, baked to harden. Depending on colours, some pets will then have details added with acrylic paint, before it is sealed.

Depending on the breed/ style, the sculptures are either glued onto the ferrite magnets or sculpted around the magnet.  


Generally, the average custom sculpted pet face measure approx 3-4 x 2-3 cm in order to fit over the magnet. If you wish for it to be smaller, please add a note at the checkout or let Dani know when you send through photos. 

Pet photos

You’ll need to send through at least a few photos of the pet that you want the sculpture modelled on. Please check out the suggested photos to send through.

Dani requests that you send through a few photos of your pet, and is happy to communicate via email (, Instagram, or Facebook

Production and processing time

The average turnaround time for custom orders is under a week, plus shipping. However, in peak periods (eg Christmas, Mother’s Day), this May be as long as 3 weeks. If there is a specific date you need the item by, feel free to make contact to avoid disappointment. 



Whilst the style is ‘lifelike’, there are limitations due to the miniature size and materials used, making the outcome an artistic likeness, rather than a perfect replica. 

Dani prides herself on being able to capture the traits that make each pet unique. To help with this, please let her know if your pet has any signature facial expressions, specific markings etc that you want included.


Pet memorial gift

The fridge magnets arrive beautifully packaged, so are suitable to be sent directly to the recipient, if you wish. You can even select a greeting card and Dani can write a little note within if you are purchasing as a gift.


Care instructions 

Please read the care instructions prior to purchasing, to ensure you will find the item suitable. 

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